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Love System: Tenfold Cashback

In an unexpected turn of events, Brian found himself in possession of a love system, a unique apparatus that enabled him to lavishly spend money on the women he knew, promising him a tenfold return.

[Spent $300, system returned $3,000, already received.]

[Spent $30,000, system returned $300,000, already received.]

[Spent $30,000,000, system returned $300,000,000, already received.]

This extraordinary love system became Brian’s ticket to an unprecedented transformation, turning him into an irresistibly attractive and affluent individual. Armed with this magical financial prowess, he effortlessly ensnared the hearts of every woman he encountered, his wealth acting as a magnetic force that drew them closer.

One fateful night at a bar, Brian crossed paths with Sophia, an enigmatic woman exuding a regal aura. With the power of his love system, Brian spared no expense in fulfilling Sophia’s every desire, witnessing the love points steadily climb.

[Love points with Sophia: 80/100]

To Brian’s astonishment, Sophia’s affection for him soared to an impressive 80 points, surpassing his wildest expectations. In a whirlwind of luxury and charm, Sophia, captivated by Brian’s irresistible allure, surprisingly agreed to take their relationship to the next level, sealing the deal with a resounding “Yes” to his proposal.

Their unexpected union marked the beginning of a journey filled with opulence, passion, and the unpredictable twists that love often brings. As Brian navigates the complexities of his newfound romantic adventures, he discovers that the love system’s magic extends beyond mere financial gains, offering him a chance at a love story that transcends the boundaries of wealth and extravagance.

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Title : Love System: Tenfold Cashback
Author : xianchen_jiang_7455
Publisher : Webnovel
Ratings : 3.84/5.0
Genre : Action, Adventure


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