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I Regenerate 10000 Times Faster

[WARNING!] [May Contain Adult Scenes… ]

Earth bore witness to the onslaught of a dimensional storm, tearing through the fabric of space across every country, opening portals to uncharted realms.

From the rifts emerged a myriad of beings – immortals, gods, demons, angels, and creatures from realms beyond human comprehension.

The mysterious dimensional realms, however, were fraught with peril. While others risked life and limb to explore these domains, I, with my extraordinary regenerative abilities, shrugged off injuries in an instant.

A rare relic with a mere 0.01 percent chance of dropping? I’d simply regenerate a clone and tirelessly grind until it yielded its secrets.

Forced into dual cultivation by a woman he despised, Tyrion exploited every advantage the situation offered.

Reincarnated into the body of a recruit who met an untimely demise during the entrance examination, Methuselah Tyrion awoke in an unknown future or perhaps a distant past.


[God-Level Healing Factor System Activated]

[First Level: Peak-Human Regeneration: Host can regenerate lost limbs or massive chunks of their bodies, although complete brain destruction remains fatal, and survival is impossible after decapitation or being rendered to bits.]

[Second Level: Super Enhanced Regeneration: Host can recreate and possess multiple organs, boasting extra brains, hearts, and liver within a single body.]

[Third Level: Supernatural Regeneration: Host can regenerate multiple body parts and even create clones!]

[Tenth Level: ??? ??? ??? ]

With a system that awakened and evolved his innate bloodline, Tyrion possessed a healing and regenerative prowess surpassing that of a normal person by 10,000 times in a world besieged by dimensional beasts.


[Dual Cultivation Successful]

[True Ancient Crimson Dragon Bloodline Inherited!]

This marked the beginning of Tyrion’s extraordinary journey in a realm where survival hinged on more than just regeneration, as he delved into the mysteries of his newfound powers and the challenges posed by the dimensional realms.

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Title : I Regenerate 10000 Times Faster
Author : RagingArtPunk
Publisher : Webnovel
Ratings : 4.32/5.0
Genre : Action, Adventure


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