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An artistic portrayal of Sang Jin-Woo facing a magical creature, symbolizing the thrilling encounters in "Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling)."
Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling)

In a realm where formidable Hunters wield diverse magical powers to fend off monstrous invasions threatening defenseless humanity, Seong Jin-Woo found himself occupying the lowest rung among these skilled individuals, struggling to eke out a meager existence.

Despite his initial weakness, a twist of fate intervenes as a mysterious System bestows upon him the extraordinary title of ‘Player,’ propelling him onto a trajectory filled with awe-inspiring and, at times, perilous escapades.

Join us in tracing Sang Jin-Woo’s transformative journey as he sets forth on a quest to transcend his limitations. Empowered by his exclusive “Level-Up” system, a rarity unparalleled in the entire world, Sang Jin-Woo’s narrative unfolds like a captivating odyssey. In the face of daunting challenges and the allure of uncharted territories, he strives to evolve into a truly matchless existence.

This is not merely a tale; it’s an immersive experience that navigates the complexities of power, destiny, and self-discovery. Sang Jin-Woo’s unique path invites readers into a world brimming with magic, mystery, and the constant allure of the unknown. Get ready to be enthralled by the enigmatic allure of “Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling)”—a narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

How To Read Novel Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) Full Episode

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) is an exciting novel available to read on the iReader app. To access it, download the iReader app from the Google Play Store and search for “Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling)” in the app search menu or use HERE.

After opening the link, you will be redirected to a safelink site. Scroll down, wait a moment, and click on the “Read” link. This will take you to the novel’s official website.

Description of Novels

Title : Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling)
Author : 추공 (Chugong)
Publisher : Nyoi-Bo Studio
Ratings : 4.53/5.0
Genre : Action, Romantic


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