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Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!

In the boundless expanse where the concept of origin and conclusion blurred into an indistinct horizon, a resounding voice reverberated, causing a palpable disturbance in the cosmic fabric.

“NO!!! This was not the end I envisioned; I must return. Fu—.”

Noah, the once-omnipotent deity reigning over a magical realm, met his untimely demise at the hands of an ostensibly feeble mage. Despite appearing to command every aspect of his existence, Noah found himself grappling with panic as his meticulous plans crumbled under the influence of an enigmatic force.

Reincarnated into the fragile vessel of a 14-year-old boy, Noah lamented his cruel twist of fate. Transported to a realm where the vibrant currents of magical power were replaced by the subtle flow of Qi, he found himself navigating an unfamiliar landscape.

Undeterred, Noah clung to hope and unveiled his trump card, only to witness a surreal turn of events. Gazing upon an emotionless fairy, she presented him with a mountain of gold, making an audacious claim,

“Here, take it all, because from now on, ‘I am your Sugar Mommy~’!”

Noah was left utterly speechless by her unexpected proclamation, his eyes reflecting the void of emotion akin to the lifelessness of a corpse. ‘I, the Mage god once feared by all, now find myself bestowed with a sugar mommy…’

— — —

This extraordinary twist of fate marked the beginning of Noah’s journey in a world that defied his former understanding. As he grappled with the surreal dynamics of his new reality, Noah would navigate the intricacies of power, unforeseen alliances, and the unpredictable nature of the Qi-infused realm. Thus, the tale unfolds, blending elements of fantasy, reincarnation, and the unexpected bonds that emerge in the face of cosmic upheaval.

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Title : Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!
Author : Odayaka
Publisher : Webnovel
Ratings : 4.73/5.0
Genre : Action, Romance


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