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The supporting character's harem is very normal

Hm… Fantasy battles, intelligent MCs, smart heroines, and intricate plot twists these are the elements absent in this novel. What you’ll find here is a concoction of a dim-witted MC, regular heroines, a straightforward plot, a slice of life, and, well, some less-than-stellar elements. I just want to write what I want, regardless of its quality. (‘3’)


After facing bankruptcy and losing everything at the age of 50, Lathel met his end. However, his story didn’t conclude there. A god offered him an unusual chance a chance to travel to another world and assist male protagonists.

His mission: untangle the complications surrounding the heroines, making it easier for the male protagonists to connect with them. It was akin to the role of a chef Lathel processed the ingredients, crafted a delightful feast, and the male protagonists merely needed to sit at the table and savor it.

Upon completing his mission, Lathel found himself threatened by an unknown assailant. Undeterred, he faced the threat with a smile and decided to end his own life. In death, the heroines shed their facades, revealing their true natures.

Meeting the god once again, Lathel received a gift for his task an opportunity to choose the world he wanted to inhabit. Opting for a Fantasy world, a realm most men dreamt of, he soon realized that the world was brimming with characters, with main roles and antagonists already cast.

Embracing the challenge, Lathel agreed to play the role of an extraordinarily weak supporting character in the Fantasy world. This time, his purpose wasn’t to assist the main character but to avoid influencing their development.

Lathel contemplated, “Hm… as long as it doesn’t affect the main character… then… Can I make a harem?”

God responded, “Of course.”

Lathel continued, “Hm… so… I just need to avoid the main character’s women.”

God confirmed, “That’s right. Your task is to survive in that world. Ah! I’ll provide you with a system to help you navigate your life in that world. I hope you enjoy this new journey.”

Lathel mused, “Um! So my harem will consist of lackluster women. It seems like a peaceful life is waiting for me.”

God cryptically added, “Hm… not really…”

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Title : The supporting character’s harem is very normal
Author : HikaruKiki
Publisher : Webnovel
Ratings : 4.69/5.0
Genre : Romance, Adventure


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