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Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac

Enduring a life devoid of hope, Mithras faced ceaseless exploitation due to his extraordinary powers. His existence reached a nadir when diagnosed with a terminal illness, only to meet a brutal demise at the hands of his boss, who sought revenge for Mithras’ refusal to betray his sister.

Rebirth bestowed upon Mithras the moniker of the Human Aphrodisiac, coupled with an audacious lewd system. Armed with this second chance, he resolved to exact vengeance for past transgressions and embark on a quest to impregnate his boss’ curvaceous mother with an abundance of offspring.

Yet, two peculiar challenges arose:

1) Immortality came with a peculiar caveat—Mithras could only heal and sustain his undying state by imbibing breast milk or the elixir of love.

2) The system transformed not only his entire body into an aphrodisiac but also elevated his seminal fluid to a five-star delicacy. This unique concoction not only enhanced the beauty of any woman he engaged with but also endowed them with unparalleled martial prowess.

“Mithras, we desire your secret elixir!”

“Sure, but what’s the price you’re willing to pay for it?”

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

[Hidden Quest…Bad Girls Become My Bitches…completed!]

[Hidden Quest…I Don’t Stuff For Free…completed!]

Caught in a whirlwind of beauty, Mithras found himself pursued by admirers yearning for his secret concoction. Faced with the relentless onslaught of covetous individuals, could he safeguard his clandestine abilities and uphold the principles of his past life? Or would the temptation of newfound powers lure him into becoming the Harem God of a generation?

Spoiler Alert: Without a doubt, he would succumb to the allure!

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Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac is very normal is an exciting novel available to read on the iReader app. To access it, download the iReader app from the Google Play Store and search for “Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac” in the app search menu or use HERE.

After opening the link, you will be redirected to a safelink site. Scroll down, wait a moment, and click on the “Read” link. This will take you to the novel’s official website.

Title : Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac
Author : Demonic_Paradise
Publisher : Webnovel
Ratings : 4.89/5.0
Genre : Fantasy, Comedy


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